Hacks to stop your phone from lagging or hanging

Some people experience daily phone lag which is always frustrating and painful due to the fact that applications or games are to run at speed rates but due to the lag, some phones can’t run apps at that rate keeping the user frustrated. Phone lagging is usually caused by low RAM, excess apps running on background and phone’s processing speed so if your phone falls in any category of them, this is what you should do…

  1. Make sure you avoid apps that run on background or better disable them in your app settings and also avoid multi-tasking then clean your memory frequently.
  2. Avoid apps or games with heavy graphics.
    The key to fast and responsive device is the RAM and CPU speed so do well to budget for high RAM and CPU speed smartphones whenever you consider buying a new smart phone.

Why you shouldn’t force stop any app

Black Image of a device menu
*image of a phone menu display

Apps run with cache and creates space where they store their data in devices to be able to run perfectly, most apps run with cache or data while some runs with the both the main aim is to collect device functional information by assessing its hardware and storing data. some apps especially system apps are built or configured based on the particular device they’re to operate on having that close accessibility devices(smartphones) can’t operate fine without their system apps so at times low RAM or low CPU processing speed devices tend to lag when apps with heavy graphics are run on them, when this happens you either see a display on the screen saying “the app isn’t responding” or the device reboots. Whenever you see they app not responding display don’t always be in a heist to force stop the app, do click the wait button cause most people confirmed that their device hang or delays for a long time after the clicked the force stop button while it later open the app after the clicked the wait button. so always go for wait whenever and app isn’t responding in your device.

How to know phone’s actual storage

Image of xender and storage informations
*image of xender and storage informations

Faked storage

Most notable smartphone companies note the actual memory figure or description of their phones memory either in the file manager app or in System settings for better user experience and clearity But some smartphones which are either refurbished or produced by unknown companies or even assembled by some illegal means are often preloaded with wrong storage figure, most at times you get a 4GB actual storage space while the device writes storage as 16GB or 32GB, this painful act not only implies to the device ROM, most at times the RAM is also faked.

How to know faked storage information

To know the actual storage of a device all you need is an application that can read your device System storage and some of this apps include xender, file manager *not System file manager, it can still be faked, downloaded one, file explorer and many others. Once you install them grant them access to read storage and you’ll see the actual storage of your device displayed in the apps storage information.