Technological innovations and features coming on smartphones this 2021

 A tablet phone on a hanger

Technological innovations has taken a big leap since decades and improvements keep coming each year in the smartphone world, last year was the introduction of the dark mode, dot notch display and the rising 5G technology with other little improvements like wifi an Bluetooth versions, camara Pixels, storage, processors and Android version.
Technology will keep developing as long as the world still exists, 2021 is now and the world of tech still grows fast. The expected technological developments this year includes.

Last year the 5G tech was Still getting it’s ground and most smartphones were yet to utilize it’s power, the 5G tech will probably take a very long leap this year, coming smartphones will likely feature the 5G from the Snapdragon 8 series 5G mobile platform processor to the mediatek dimensity 5G 1000C and 700C processor, the former from Qualcomm tech and the later from mediatek.
Quick charge
The charging process in smartphones saw lots of improvement last year from 10W to 18W fast charge and also the type – C VOOC fast charge more improvements will be made this year.
From 13 – 108mp was possible last year, currently Qualcomm tech has produced the 192mp camera spectrum capturing fast with no lag and it will soon be used on smartphones. The zoom tech improved also, upto 10x hybrid and 100x digital zoom, more x will still be added this year.
6000mAh was the highest last year 7000mAh might still be achievable this year
The highest storage space on smartphones last year was 256GB from Samsung expandable upto 1 TB and sure more GBs will be added this year
While the WiFi is adapting the 5G tech, Bluetooth technology is still developing also, the lastest wifi-6 now streams at a maximum of 2.0GBs per second.
Technological advancement in smartphones is a long ride which is yet to see it’s end.

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