How to minimize and run multiple apps on your phone without any closing on its own.

Most smartphone phone users find it had to run two to three apps or background processes simultaneously, this is mostly caused by low RAM or phone factory settings, Recent smartphones now come with multitasking options so you won’t bother minimizing apps but if your phone doesn’t multitask don’t worry you can actually minimize or run three to four apps on your smart phone without any closing.

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Firstly before heading to the steps to take in other to make this happen you’ll have to unlock your phones developer options, if you don’t know how to unlock it, check some of my previous post on how to unlock developer options i explain everything there.

Illustration image

After you must have unlocked it( developer options) open it and scroll down, keep scrolling till you get to background processes limit, click on it you’ll see multiple options including but not exceeding; standard limit, no background processes, at most 1 processes, at most 2 processes, at most 3 processes and at most 4 processes. Normally it should be in standard limit change it to the 4 processes at most then watch your phone minimize and run multiple applications and background processes with closing any own its own. Hope this was helpful drop your comments..

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