How to make your phone work smarter with developer mode.

Your smartphone as the name implies is a smart device with alot of functionalities some which you know and some which you don’t know, having a smartphone can be productive or time wasting all on how you manage it and use it. I’ll be revealing one way to make your device work smarter in this article meanwhile their are various ways to do so.

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Mock location, show touches, force install on SD card and so on are all functionalities which you won’t normally find no your Smartphone but guess what, they are there but why are all this functionalities there in my phone and I can’t find them..? the reason is because they are all group and hidden in a menu for system purposes and to make your phone smarter you’ll need to unlock this menu where it’s hidden, to do so follow the instructions below.

Settings guide

Go to settings, scroll up to your phones about menu in the settings and click the phones build number three times and see the magic happen, by doing this you just unlocked the phones developer options which is the menu that contains all this functionality which I said earlier, there alot you can do with this menu enable, I’ll be writing articles on them too.

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