Oppo colorOS 7

Green, blue and  black 7 figure image


Light-weight design
In the pursuit of a lightweight visual language, Oppo has further simplified the operating interface to let users focus on core functions where the title bar is reasonably laid-out and easier to operate, creating more unified interaction logic.

Image of title bar

Light-weight icons
A picture-perfect home screen greets you whenever you unlock.Third party app icons have been redesigned to confirm with oppo overall home screen aesthetic. you can also choose between different icons styles and customise their size and shape.

Image of icons

Nifty animations
Touch: animations are now highly responsive to your touch. The speed of animations correspond naturally to the speed at which you slide your finger.

Charging: when charging, it now looks as if energy particles are been absorbed from the charging cable then when you unplug the same energy particles will scatter and disappear.

Charging display image

Weather: with new weather theme you now get different weather scenes just by gently sliding a finger left or right on the screen.

Simplified sounds
With inspirations from sounds of nature, the colorOS 7 ringtones and notification is simplified making them pleasing to the ear. In addition colorOS 7 also unveils 8 different sound effects features including the keyboard, calculator and settings switches to stimulate the experience of touching physical object. Also ColorOS 7 composes seven different weather tunes to give a relaxed feeling not minding the condition outside.

Dark mode
the Auto-brightness feature reduces eye strain in all lighting conditions and at all times of the day. in addition ColorOS 7 features upgraded color scene and improved dark colour contrasts so users can better differentiate between screen elements and see key informations more prominently. Dark mode also extends battery life by consuming less power
Android version
The colorOS 7 is based in the Android version 11.

Dark mode display image

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