Android 11

Android 11 image design
*Android 11 image design

Android 11 has been released! The Android 11 comes with improvements in messaging, connectivity, privacy and lots more in 11 ways to honour the Android 11. The improvements include..

Better ways to communicate with people

1] The Android 11 moves all conversations across messaging apps to phone space in the notification section making it easy to manage conversations.
2] with bubbles popping out each time on conversations you can respond to important conversations without switching to the messaging app.
3] it’s screen recording now supports audio without any app.

New ways to control media and connected devices

4] All smart devices are now accessible in one place just by long pressing the power button.
5] updated media control buttons.
6] wireless Android Auto for compatible vehicles.

More control over privacy and data

7] Apps now get single use access to most sensitive permissions like : microphone, camera and location when granted access permission.
8] Apps auto permission resetting by Android for apps not used for a long time.
9] Additional Google play system update modules, allowing more security and privacy fixes to be sent in the mobile from Google play without having to wait for full OS update.
10] For Android and enterprise users, Android 11 brings the privacy protections you get on a personally-owned device to your company-owned device. The work profile gives your IT department tools to manage a device without monitoring your personal profile data or activity on your phone.

More on pixel

11] For pixel two or above users, you’ll get extra features to arrange and manage your phone like app suggestions on the home screen based on your daily activities, and new over view actions that allows taking of screen shots of an app and selecting text and images and more.

Android 11 will begin rolling out on the second week of September 2020 on this company smartphones: pixel, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Oppo and realme phones, with more partners launching and upgrading devices over coming months.

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