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One thing to know about smartphones.

Smartphone companies are on research and experiment on daily basis to bring out the best out of their products, see it as a competition or race among leads, no smartphone company would….

How to minimize and run multiple apps on your phone without any closing on its own.

Most smartphone phone users find it had to run two to three apps or background processes simultaneously, this is mostly caused by low RAM or phone factory settings, Recent smartphones now come with multitasking options so you won’t bother minimizing apps but if your phone doesn’t multitask don’t worry you can actually minimize or run three to

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Why you shouldn’t force stop any app

Apps run with cache and creates space where they store their data in devices to be able to run perfectly, most apps run with cache or data while some runs with the both the main aim is to collect device functional information by assessing its hardware and storing data. some apps especially system apps are built or

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How to know phone’s actual storage

Faked storage Most notable smartphone companies note the actual memory figure or description of their phones memory either in the file manager app or in System settings for better user experience and clearity But some smartphones which are either refurbished or produced by unknown companies or even assembled by some illegal means are often preloaded with wrong

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